Dreaming of a White Christmas with SmileBrilliant!

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Holy cow guys…how is it NOVEMBER!? Has 2019 been the fastest year EVER for anyone else? I cannot believe it is already that crazy time of year with the holidays fast smile3approaching.  I have always loved the lead up to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.  I love the hustle and bustle of shopping for presents, planning menus for gatherings, and of course putting together the perfect outfits for all of the holiday events.  With all the happy chaos it is so easy to forget about your most important accessory for the season; your smile! With all the pictures and photo-ops during the holidays you have to be prepared with those perfect pearly whites!

If you are like me, whitening my teeth is usually the last thing on my to-do list. I have been known to run into the drug store days (sometimes hours) before an event trying to get that last-minute white. It can be such a mess, trying to get those dang strips to stay in place while you multitask, before you know it you are drooling down your ah-dorable holiday dress….not really the look you were going for, right? Well, not this year! I have teamed up with SmileBrilliant to achieve the perfect ‘snowy’ white smile for the holiday smile1season, and into 2020!

Like I said, I have tried whitening strips and store-bought tooth whitening trays in the past. I have even dabbled in whitening toothpastes, all with okay results. The problem is that the results never last, always made my teeth hurt, and were inconvenient and messy. With all the years of bad tooth whitening experiences, I was a little skeptical to try ANOTHER whitening product.  I spoke with one of SmileBrilliant’s consultants to discuss my concerns and get my questions answered, and Sophia was great!  She spoke with me about teeth whitening myths as well as my dental and whitening history, and was so patient with me. After speaking with her we developed a plan that included the whitening product as well as a desensitizing gel. I loved this. Having a consult with someone so knowledgeable made me much more confident and comfortable. This already was so much better than the store bought brands I had tried previously–they cared about my teeth and my results!

Following my consultation I was sent a kit with trays to make my molds, yes, you read that right! They actually use molds of your own teeth to make sure you whiten properly and evenly.  The kit came with super easy-to-follow instructions and even extra “molding” materials, just in case you did make a mistake. Talk about service! Once the molds were sent it only took a couple days to get my completed trays back in the mail- then it was time to get whitening!

SmileBrilliant has made tooth whitening such an easy and personalized process.  The kitsmile5 came with step- by-step instructions with pictures…exactly what a girl like me needs! The trays fit perfectly, but I will say the first couple of rounds were a little bit painful. I grew up on well water, so I did not have fluoride in my water supply. Despite having good routine dental care, my teeth have always been sensitive due to my enamel. I followed the instructions and used the desensitizing gel after each use, which did help a little.  After a couple of consecutive days of whitening, I switched to every other day which really helped my sensitivity. Despite changing the frequency I still saw great results!  Since the trays were exact replicas of my teeth, there was no excessive drooling or mess and it made multitasking so easy. I was never worried about the trays slipping off my teeth like the strips. My favorite time to whiten is when I’m bingeing some Netflix, walking Tilly, or just getting ready for work.  I actually have worn them out running some simple errands, and it was great to whiten while getting stuff done instead of being tied to my bathroom!

I am so thrilled with SmileBrilliant, and I continue to see results and feel even more beautiful and confident in my smile!  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to take on those holiday parties and photo-ops! No? You say you are not ready for all the pictures? No worries, SmileBrilliant and I have got ya covered! We have teamed up to give you the best whitening experience.  One lucky follower will win a T3 Sensitive System kit valued at $149! Click here to get all the info and to enter the giveaway! Make sure you are also following me on Instagram @thebedazzledb!



You can also use code thebedazzledb15 for 15% off store wide at SmileBrilliant!Good luck to all who enter; I cannot wait to see your beautiful, brilliant smiles!

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XOXO, Cait B.