First things first, I never thought I would start a blog. Although I have always loved to write and journal, and I had a brief semester and a half as a communications major, I never found what I had to say to be relevant. Recently I have found myself needing more. A creative outlet. I follow so many lifestyle bloggers who I absolutely adore. They are true inspirations, but I found that I could not really identify with any of them. I can appreciate their style and beauty tips, but none of them have the same lifestyle that I do. They are all beautiful, but I rarely find influences who share a similar body type. Though each are beautiful in their own way, they tend to have athletic builds or are quite small, wearing sizes zero to four. I have always been curvy but petite, fitting somewhere in the low double-digits of sizing. It can be very discouraging to be unable to recreate their looks when they shop at stores who don’t stock your size, or when you know that the adorable shift dress they are rocking is going to look like a circus tent on you due to your bra size. Its hard to know where to find similar cute pieces that are not going to break the bank.
Another stark contrast I find is their seemingly unlimited budgets for clothing and accessories. As a full-time nurse and army wife, I can say our budget does not allow for many indulgences. I am not embarrassed to say that we save every penny in the hopes of planning for the future, which leaves us living just about paycheck to paycheck. I find that many bloggers come across as if they have amazing closets and seem to have either endless budgets or have many sponsors that grant them impeccable discounts or free items. For me and many women out there this is just not realistic.
So, to cut to the chase, I am hoping to start this blog to help the everyday girl with more budget friendly options (with some exceptions, here and there) for clothes, beauty, and BedazzledB4overall lifestyle. I hope to bring an honest point of view for any aspiring fashion and beauty guru who’s wallet is also a little on the slimmer side 🙂
As always, thank you for stopping by my blog! Keep an eye out for upcoming post on hosting our first Thanksgiving, adopting a puppy and some of my favorite beauty products!
Cait B.

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